Most executives pursue line of sight options to grow their business. They’ll introduce product line extensions, promote cross-selling, invest in channel marketing, and implement operating efficiencies. While these incremental improvements are helpful—even necessary—a time may come when a line of sight approach produces diminishing returns.

That’s when we like to jump in.

For over two decades we’ve helped firms of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 100 firms, find new growth options for their business. As corporate and market development veterans, we work with you to identify options for your business—ones you may not have even considered. And when you need to move quickly without disrupting your current business, our team can manage the entire process from market selection, to leading an internal skunk works, coordinating possible joint ventures or even providing the interim leadership or coaching to a business venture.

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nonlinearline2We think non-linear.

We have a bias toward the non-linear—the deliberate pursuit of a market or product idea that is not in the path of the present business trajectory. They require a special kind of creativity, one that revisits long-held assumptions and fuses innovation, discovery, experimentation and creative leadership.

Whether you’re contemplating a new market, spinning up a business unit, acquiring a stand-alone business, or evaluating exit options, our team of seasoned operating execs can advise you on the best strategies to accelerate your business success.

At the heart of our advisory work is the assessment model we’ve created to identify the core drivers for business growth. wheel450This twelve-point model measures a firm’s capabilities in four fundamental dimensions:

  • Concept: Every business needs to have a good product concept and a sustainable business model that maps to a known market demand.
  • Capability: A good concept is not enough. Every business needs to be properly resourced with capital, people, processes, and tools to execute well.
  • Culture: Sustainable success requires cultural distinctiveness to define its mission, values, decision-making structure and accountability norms.
  • Cohesion: While every business needs to be proficient in these first three dimensions, they also need to be proficient in how it integrates decision-making, alignment, return-on-investment, and communications with the critical stakeholders such as the parent organizations and non-executive shareholders.

All of our advisory services are customized to your specific needs and guaranteed actionable.

When you’ve outgrown your market, or find yourself in a cul-de-sac with few options for growth, our market development team can help. For nearly two decades we’ve helped companies identify and evaluate new markets for their products and services.

We look around the corner and beyond the merely adjacent to find markets that can sustainably fuel your business. Our market selection process begins with selection criteria development based on a review of your business competencies and market potential. We’ll conduct secondary and primary market research, as needed, to ensure that you adopt the right market development strategy for your business.

Creating a new business path—particularly one that involves a new venture—can tax even the most effective organizations. It requires strong leadership, excellent communication, and deft project management skills to keep an initiative on track without disrupting your core business.

That’s where we can help. Our team has managed strategic ventures for Fortune 500 companies as well as emerging growth firms. We’ll work right alongside your team to design the best approach to bring the initiative to life. Whether you’re looking for help to manage a skunk works project, or a more formal business unit start-up, our consultants dig right in, creating and managing an implementation and deployment plan, even providing interim leadership where needed.

Our incubation services are designed with one objective in mind: to accelerate new growth options while minimizing false starts and costly business disruptions.

Executing on a n0n-linear strategy is not for the faint of heart. You must balance the need to maintain your current trajectory with all of its attendant concerns with the need to evaluate options for non-linear growth. Managing this tension can make or break the most seasoned executive team.

We can help. We’ve led spin-ups, carve outs and independent operating divisions of large and small firms alike. As an experienced and trusted guide, we can facilitate and coach entire executive teams throughout the entire business lifecycle from start-up to exit. Our approach to innovation leadership quickly produces the best out-of-box options for growing your business. And our network of industry experts can supplement the ideation and option assessment processes, providing an even more robust selection of viable options to consider.

Whether you need to ignite some new ideas among your leadership team or need an executive coach to make great ideas come to life, we’re here to help.

Why Choose Us

  • Established track record of over 20 years of strategic corporate and market development consulting.
  • Experienced executives working directly with you to grow your business.
  • Outside and informed perspective to foster creative options and critical thinking.
  • Extensive market development and venturing expertise in a variety of industries.
  • No non-sense, highly engaging approach with a bias toward action.

What Clients Say

We wanted to chart a new direction for our business and looked at a number of advisors to help. We were impressed that Lumina didn’t throw answers at us. Instead, they asked great questions to understand our business and our aspirations as owners. They took a comprehensive approach in helping us define a new strategy and execute on it. They helped us conceive, launch, and brand our new software company. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Jim Falkanger, CEO, EleVia Software
Lumina did a great job facilitating a sales strategy and process improvement project for my sales team. They were able to bring consensus and illuminate a path for growth.
Sue Thomas, CEO, Nystrom, Inc.
We worked with Lumina in 2008 on the restructuring of our sales and service team. Their work was formidable, primarily because they achieve the difficult balance between following a proven methodology and gaining a deep understanding of what types of changes best suit our business model. They do this in an empathetic way, but make sure that they challenge you to reach the right decisions that are in the best interests of your company.
Fred Mather, Former EVP Sales, IntraLinks
We worked with Lumina to create and launch a new company, spinning it out of our present firm. They came in, quickly became part of the team and helped guide us through a process of clearly defining the new company along with how best to position and present it to the marketplace.
Scott Lien, CEO, DBI Consulting
Our company was transitioning from an IT Consulting company to a IT Risk Management firm and needed to go national with an entirely new concept. Lumina Consulting Group had incredible insight into our marketplace and helped us develop a very specific road map on how to achieve our transition goals. They demonstrated they are more than just a strategy resource, they are committed to our success.
KoniKaye M. Jeschkey, CEO, Prevari
Lumina has served as a strategic advisor to our firm for a number of years. They bring a seasoned, professional style that works extremely well within our firm and on behalf of our clients. In today’s challenging economic environment, many companies are looking for breakthroughs in sales and marketing. I encourage any company seeking revenue enhancement strategies to engage Lumina.
Dean Bachelor, Chairman, Platinum Group
Leary served as my consultant to assist in marketing efforts inside and outside of my organization. His lessons were deep, the insights were transformative. His work helped us realize significant revenue gains in two key areas which had previously labored along for a few years. In only two months of work these opportunities finally resulted in new opportunities for our company. Leary is a principled leader who cares as much about how you go about your work as the results of the work.
John Monson, SVP, AgStar Financial
I have been fortunate to work with Leary on several business transformation projects in high tech and highly recommend his consulting services. Leary brings acute listening skills and quickly leads to problem identification. With his industry know-how and creative mindset, he works towards team alignment on appropriate solutions. As an HR executive, I am most impressed with his orientation on team and leadership- he does not work in a vacuum and ensures business ownership from the beginning to end. He is insightful, collaborative, brave, engaging, and cares about his clients and their results.
Patricia Hamm, Former VP, Imation