Looking for a thought-provoking presentation for an upcoming corporate event? Our consultants are master communicators and have delivered hundreds of speeches for workshops, private groups, and conference keynotes.

Below is a sampling of some of the topics our team can address. Contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Going non-linear

How to identify and cultivate new ventures to grow your business.

Your next wave of business growth may not be in your present line-of-sight. Most executives pursue line-of-sight options to grow their business. They’ll introduce product line extensions, promote cross-selling, invest in channel marketing, and implement operating efficiencies…
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The collapse of the strategic mind

How opportunism may be killing your business and your future.

As leaders, far too often we’re reacting to things coming at us, trying to keep up or push forward. We may pause to think strategically—perhaps during an annual planning cycle—but it seldom lasts. Before long, we’re back in reaction mode again…
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