Our consultants are not academicians trying to advance the latest theories from a book. Instead, every one of us has years of experience in the executive ranks with proven success in our own businesses and in helping our clients.

As a team, we’re focused on creating growth paths for our clients. We know that sustained business growth requires more than just optimizing the current path. New paths must always be considered without putting the present business at risk.

We’ll be your advisor, your market scout, and even take the lead in forming and incubating a new venture or joint venture. Our commitment is to help you think and grow beyond your present line of sight.

Leary Gates
Leary GatesFounder, CEO
Leary Gates is an entrepreneur, business creative and venture coach. As founder and CEO of Lumina Consulting Group he consults with and coaches clients on vision development, strategy, market development and new venture assessment.

For the past 20 years Leary has helped technology start-ups and Fortune 100 companies alike create greater clarity about their business leading them to discover new opportunities for their products and services. As the creator of the Strategic CEO programs, he enjoys helping CEOs reimagine growth options for their business and increase their strategic capacity.

Leary was the co-founder of SoftwareMinds, the online resource for business operations information tools for the software industry and also the founder of the CraySoft business unit for Cray Research, a global supercomputer manufacturer. He is the author of Effective Software Marketing Practices, published by Culpepper & Associates and SoftwareMinds.

Leary serves on the board of directors of Innovance, a manufacturing holding company, Vocabra, a technology firm, and several non-profit organizations.

Armin Assadi
Armin AssadiChange Management Consultant
Armin Assadi is an entrepreneur, a strategist and operational thinker with an extensive sales and operations background. He has been a part of co-founding companies such as CorCardia Group and CognisMD along with other entrepreneurial ventures. He has successfully managed operational leadership, productions, and implementation of advanced technological solutions. His expertise in leadership development has been sought after by some of America’s largest organizations. Armin has facilitated team building sessions and mentored leaders for highly successful non-profits and large corporations. His strategic approach to leadership has allowed organizations to achieve the goals they set and even exceed their expectations in production and enhancement of technological solutions.

Armin lives by the motto, “don’t mistake activity for achievement” in everything he does. He does not waste time and knows how to maximize every minute of every project. His ability to be innovative coupled with his passion to execute and achieve goals in all aspects of his work makes him an asset to every organization he becomes a part of.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Armin has a passion for his friends and family, mentoring the emerging leaders and serving on boards of non-profits across the state.

Sam Awad
Sam AwadSales & Technology Consultant
Sam Awad is an energetic and successful entrepreneur with a passion for sales and a keen insight into operations. Awad has a proven track record of entrepreneurial success as well as significant leadership advances at many large and fast growing organizations in technology and healthcare markets.

As the youngest member to be inducted into the Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club, Sam had the unique opportunity to work side by side with some of the city’s finest entrepreneurs and business leaders all while growing his startup and eventually selling the organization. Sam has founded multiple organizations including Choice Communications, CognisMD, CorCardia Group and serves on the Board of Directors at a handful of non-profit organizations serving the local community.

Awad’s experience includes, executive leadership, company formation, mergers & acquisitions, public funding, business strategy, sales, business development, marketing and leadership. Sam leads sales and marketing efforts for Lumina. He understands there are only two true drivers in business, cash and reputation and helps organizations drive cashflow and improve their reputation both internally and externally.

Jonathan Hall
Jonathan HallInnovation Consultant
Jonathan Hall helps management teams increase market share and customer intimacy by executing market research techniques that uncover hidden requirements which, in a collaborative fashion, are synthesized into homerun products. His expertise helps sales and marketing teams create strategies and programs that initiate awareness, build interest, gain conviction and ultimately close deals.

Jonathan is a professional entrepreneur. Over the years he developed a “Magic Rolling Quadrant” analysis tool that has helped countless startups make the necessary adjustments to get their ventures rolling. Warren Buffet’s secret to success is “sticky snow and a long hill” which resonates beautifully with Hall’s model and his experience in venture management.

Jonathan received his MBA with a concentration in Venture Management from the University of St. Thomas. He received the Practicing Entrepreneur award for a Security startup he founded and built servicing the Twin Cities region. He started a non-profit called Partnership for Youth and was elected President of Youth Unlimited in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He cofounded Atrato, Inc. a high potential venture in computer data storage, authored nearly a dozen patents, led technology partnerships, was responsible for Business Development, and currently participates on the Board of Assurance Software, LLC.

Jonathan leads Lumina’s Intrapreneurial practice in Colorado. He is partnering with , Boulder Venture Software Club, Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association, Boulder NewTech, OnStartups, Colorado Companies to Watch, and Lew’s list.

Jonathan is uniquely positioned to bring Lumina’s insight and value add services to organizations with an intrapreneurial motion.

Tom Neitzke
Tom NeitzkeFinance Consultant